Positions for Human Brain Functional Connectomics

Available Positions:
Postdoctoral Researchers, Associate Research Professorship, Outstanding Associate Research Professorship, Full Research Professorship.

Job Summary:
The fellow will pursue a series of neuroimaging methodology projects and related applications to brain functional development, psychological processes, personal traits and mental disorders. Training in neuroimaging data analyses, international cooperations, scientific writing neurosciences and grants application will enable the fellow to perform feasible explorations of the human brains and to seek for the highly productive academic career life.

Required Qualifications
PhD in applied mathematics, statistics, biomedical engineering, computer science, neuroscience and experience with the relevant techniques.

Preferred Qualifications
Strong interest in human brain system and motivation to learn new techniques, and a capacity to blend neuroimaging approaches with processes of traits, psychology and biological psychiatry.

Applicants should send a CV and 3 letters of recommendation to Dr. Zuo: zuoxn@psych.ac.cn.