There are some fundamental knowledge you need to know prior to the courses listed below. Most of them is about the computational platform.

Most Advances on Human Brain Research

[1] Default Mode Brain Network and Human Brain Lifespan Development (PDF presentation)

[2] Cognitive Control Brain Network and Human Brain Immue System (PDF presentation)

[3] Human Functional Connectomics and Psychiatric Brain Disorders (PDF presenation)

[4] Normative Connectomic Profiles of Human Brain Development (PDF presentation)

Brain Data Visualization

Workshop on Neuroimaging Data Visualization (ICHBD2015)

[1]. General Rules of Data Visualization: PDF presentation

[2]. Common Tools of Data Visualization: PDF presentation

[3]. Connetomics and Visualization: PDF presentation

[4]. Visualization Case I: PDF presentation (data, video and codes)

[5]. Visualization Case II: PDF presentation (data, video and codes)

[6]. Visualization Case III: PDF presentation (data, video and codes)

Visualization Misc Information

[1]. Circos Installation: general information; Mac OS X; another Mac OS X;

[2]. Get Circos Started: how to run it? Perl and Modules;

[3]. Subtleties of Color: There are six subsections you need to learn about;

[4]. Math, Network and Graph: Simple Maths; HPC Graph Analysis; Surfaces and Meshes Operation; ...

[5]. Linear Mixed Models: R Packages for Mac: this is a start point for beginners; R in China; SPIDA 2010: Mixed Models with R; Growth Model Users Group; Dr. Judith D. Singer: Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis; R for Mac OS X FAQ: frequently asked questions; GAMLSS: Generalized Additive Models for Location, Scale and Shape at CRAN Source or WikiPedia; ...

Multidimensional Scaling and Clustering

[1] Why We Care about These Methods? (Two papers from Science: Shepard1980,Tenenbaum2011 )

[2] Mathematics and Statistics (Machine Learning, Statistical Data Mining)

[3] MATLAB Implementations and Case Demo (HelpDesk from MATLAB: MDS, Clustering)

[4] Stories from Brain Connectomics (Parcellation: Brodmann Aea, Destrieux Atlas, Yeo Atlas)

[5] Questions and Answers (How to coming up with a nice question?)

[6] The PDF Presentation for This Course

Human Brain Connectomics

[1] NeuroImage: Mapping the Connectome

[2] Trends in Cognitive Sciences: The Connectome

[3] Neuron: Focus on Connectome. Collections: Connectomics

[4] Science: The Heavily Connected Brain

[5] Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B - Biological Sciences: Complex network theory and the brain and Cerebral cartography

[6] Nature Methods: Focus on Mapping the Brain

[7] Nature Neurosciences: Focus on big data

[8] Scientific Data: Human Brain MRI Reproducibility